Shan-Ya – Guidelines

Shan-Ya – The Madness Known as Talislanta

 A.R Frost Publishing Launches Shan-Ya – The Madness Known as Talislanta

Carlsbad, NM – A.R. Frost Publishingwill launch Shan-Ya, a Talislanta digital fanzine. Dedicated to the pen an paper RPG known as Talislanta on December 7th, 2013. On the site.

Shan-Ya will be composed of fan material by the fans of Talislanta. All the places, people, and things that make our home games unique. Collected in one fanzine that will be published on the 7th day of every third month.

New villages, towns, or area’s that you have added to your game of Talislanta. The NPC’s that keep showing up in the players path, no matter where they travel. Does your Aamanian Warrior-Priest have a special mace of Aa? Share it with Talislanta fans world wide. The little things you added to your game just might push someone else game to a new level.

If you feel that you have something to add to the World of Talislanta, please submit it to us so we can share it with all the great fans around the world.

Things that were looking to have submitted:

*New Area’s, Towns, Castles, Maps

*NPC’s, Monsters, Flora


*Magic (Spells/Items)

*Scenario Ideas

*Adventures (short)

*Fan Art

*House Rules

Anything that you the fans have used to make World of Talislanta a better place to live and play in.

Shan-Ya, will have new artwork from Adam Black. New and fresh ideas from fans all over the world. Each issue will give you tons of new places, items, and people to use in your game.

 Shan-Ya – The Madness Known as Talislanta

 See submission guidelines below

 Submission Guidelines:

Shan-Ya – The Madness Known as Talislanta

The first issue is scheduled to be published December 7th ,2013. With each following issue published in three month intervals.

Submissions for Shan-Ya, will be accepted up to two weeks from the current issues publish date. Submission for the 1st issue should be submitted by November 24th, 2013. Submissions not received within two weeks of the upcoming Shan-Ya release will automatically roll-over for release in the next issues.

Any submissions not included in the upcoming release of Shan-Ya, due to space limitations, will appear in a future issue.

 All submissions will be acknowledged by email. Any material submitted to Shan-Ya for publication retains all copyrights of the original Author or current Rightsholder. By submitting it to us you are giving us permission to publish your works in a non-profit digital publication.

Here are the guidelines for submission:

*Please include your name as you want it to appear on your submission. You may also include any website info, or an e-mail address. At your discretion, this will be posted on the “Links” page so the readers will have access to them.

*If submitting an article, please send it as a Word or Pages file- not in a pdf. For the first few issues please keep your submission to six pages or less. We want to keep Shan-Ya between 25-35 pages at first. Shan-Ya will be written in 12-8 point Arial font.

*If you have an adventure you wish to have published that is longer then six pages, please contact the publisher about possible breaking in down between two to three issues.

*Due to limitations on space or layout, it is quite possible you may be asked to make some revisions to your work. Should you desire an editor can make them on your behalf. Great effort will be taken to ensure nothing crucial is cut or altered in your work. This is usually just simple rewording and/or sentence condensing or article expansion. The exact space requirements for each issue will be unique and thus changes may be needed. In all cases you will be asked to sign off on any changes before your material is published in Shan-Ya.

*If sending artwork, please send it in an acceptable file format. Pretty much any thing but in a pdf. Artwork can be any thing that you have drawn, or a picture that has no ownership rights of a real life area or place that fits in with your article.

*Please, feel free to submit more than one article, and submit different materials.

*By submitting your materials, you understand that this a fan done fanzine and it is not intended to make a profit. Shan-Ya or it’s publisher does not claim to own anything you submitted. It is here simply to get it out there into the Talislanta world. Shan-Ya, itself will also disclaim that this is indeed a fan project, and that we are in no way directly affiliated with Stephan Michael Sechi, or anyone currently owning right to Talislanta.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail the publisher of the Shan-Ya fanzine:


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