Not-So Magnificent Seven

XWH Veris- Xambrian Wizard Hunter

Veris was abandoned  in the City-State of Hadj three days after his birth. He was found by Tootum a Orgovian Trader who had stopped to sell some merchandize in Hadj.  Veris was sold to a Hajan Servitor named Jahlild for measly sum of fifty gold lumens. He placed the infant Veris into the hands of one of his house slaves with the orders to raise him to be a good stable hand.

When Veris was about seven years old he could no longer handle life as a Hajan slave and made the decision to try a new life by surviving in the streets of Hadj by any means necessary. Over the next few years Veris aligned himself with several different local gangs, learning how to survive by practicing different types of crimes and con games. He soon became skilled in the many ways of taking money and hard-earned items from their proper owners.

At the age of fifteen Veris felt that he was on top of the game and that there wasn’t anything or anyone in the Hadj slums he couldn’t con out of their belongings. Mog-Dalib a Djaffer crime lord, took Veris into his criminal organization and showed him the real ways to become rich by extorting and intimidating those that have real wealth. A rival in the organization, Neenla felt that Veris was gaining too much power in the gang and had him setup for a series of crimes he didn’t commit.  Allowing the city watch of Hadj to do the work of removing his ability to challenge her position in the gang.

Neela had Veris framed for a theft of a Hadjin Aristocrat’s mansion and the death of two of his Hajan Servitor’s.  Veris was sentenced to ten years of hard labor and his right hand was cut off at the wrist. His face and back where mutilated by Hajan guards for the crimes they felt he committed against their brethren and masters.

After serving three brutal years of almost constant abuse and neglect, Veris was freed from his captivity be a Hajan guard who learned the truth of his setup. The guard known as Torgid help Veris escape into the Desertlands with nothing but rags , a dagger, and one skin of dirty water. Alone and on the run in the desert Veris was barely able to stay one step ahead of the patrols searching for him.  While holed up in a rocky outcrop, trying to get a few hours of rest Veris discovered a small chest that was buried in the sand and jabbing him in the back every time he moved.  Inside the old black iron chest was some type of ancient book, two strange onyx amulets and several ancient coins. Veris had never seen this type of currency before much less an actual book. After finding the strange iron chest his luck seemed to change. The patrols stopped searching for him and later that day he stumbled into an oasis half dead from starvation and thirst.

After spending the evening at the oasis drinking the cool desert water and eating as many dates as his body would allow. A Djaffer caravan moved into the oasis the next morning.  The caravan was traveling from Nadan to The City of Cymril. The caravan master a Djaffar named Fur-Obdin agree to take on Veris as a aht-ra handler.

Once in The City of Cymril, Veris searched the different markets until he found a Cymril sage that he felt would give him a fair and honest deal on the strange book he found buried in the desert. He decided to approach a Cymril book merchant named Valerus Red. Valerus Red took one look at the dusty old tome that Veris showed him and instantly knew it was something special. He closed up his shop and took Veris and the book to the Lyceum Arcanum. After several hours of dealing with excited mages and wizards, Veris was brought into the office of Talmaj the Green. The new Professor Emeritus, Chief Administrator of the Lyceum Arcanum.  Veris didn’t real understand all the mumble jumbo that Talmaj and the other wizards where discussion about the strange book he found. After about an hour of discussion Talmaj offered Veris, the Shriek, a sleek new windship  built by the shipwrights of Nizin Windshipyards. Along with over 200,000 gold lumens.

Veris had never seen more the one gold lumens at one time in his entire life. It took about two days for the contract to be drawn up and signed by Veris. He traded the strange tome that Talmaj called an ancient key for 200,000 gold lumens and a windship.

Using his new-found wealth Veris purchased a simple artificial brass hand from a Yasan Technomancer to replace the one he lost long ago. He hired a small crew for his new windship and set about starting his plan to go back to Hadj and find Neela and repay her treachery with some good old street justice. The evening before he was set to embark on his maiden voyage as a windship captain, Veris became very ill after a night of drinking at the Jaded Wayfarer. He awoke on the deck of his windship with several strange and chaotic voices in his head.  The voices kept telling him that he must go to some place called Omen and avenge his ancestors.  “It is your calling Veris, You must obey.” No matter what he told the voices in his head they refused to listen and every time he tried to leave Cymril something strange always seemed to happen and block his attempt to leave.

Spirit sword2Spirit Blade

The Shriek(Artwork by Freefrog) The Shriek

MirinJh’tiel, Mirin Tundra Scout

Jh’tiel is the only child of Royal Prince Merintos and The Snow Queen L’Rezzellia. Jh’tiel spent most of his early teen years fighting against the Mirin’s oldest enemy, the Ice Giants. By the age of fifteen, he had proven himself over and over again. Showing to all that he was worthy to be the royal son of the Snow Queen. When he turned seventeen Jh’tiel killed a Rajan assassin that had just assassinated his mother in her royal chambers. Feeling that something wasn’t right with the way the assassin had infiltrated the most protected place in L’Haan without raising an alarm. Jh’tiel began his own investigation into the murder. The answer he found destroyed his hopes and beliefs in the Mirin society and in his father, Royal Prince Merintos.

Jh’tiel discovered that his father working with several of the Royal Minister in an attempt to destroy several centuries of Mirin tradition had personally admitted the assassin into his mothers chambers. with the queen gone Merintos and his crooked Minister’s where going to take over the rule of L’Haan. He was going to place Jh’tiel on the throne as the first King of the Northern Ice and  setup the foundation for a male lead society.

Jh’tiel was not only the son of the Snow Queen but her most loyal and dedicated follower. His mother had raised him with all the love and care a mother could give. She taught him the rich traditions and standards that their people had followed for centuries.  Refusing to be his father’s puppet in his plot to destroy the Mirin people, Jh’tiel fled from L’Lal and took up refuge with the group of Rasmirin on Outcast Islands. Hiding his true identity from the Rasmirin, he began teaching them how to not only fight against the Mirin force’s now led by his father and his puppet government. He taught them how to win. For several years Jh’tiel’s Rasmirin forces struck crippling blow after blow against his fathers forces. The toll on the Mirin’s was beginning to show and Jh’tiel believed they where several months away from over throwing his father.

During a late night raid against one of Merintos’s supply caravans, Jh’tiel’s small group was attacked by a large force of Ice Giants who felt that the time was right to add another thorn into the Mirin civil war. Jh’tiel and several of the Rasmirin soldiers were captured by the Ice Giants and taken to an ice citadel in the northern Mountains of Madness. After five to six years as a prisoner he escaped his Ice Giant keepers by stealing a blue diamond armband that possessed the magical power to make him strong enough to destroy the ice bars that held him  imprisoned.  As Jh’tiel was fleeing from his prison, he slayed several Ice Giants and destroyed most of their outpost.

As he was stumbling alone in the chilling cold and unnatural blizzards of the Northern Reaches wounded and almost dead. Jh’tiel sought refuge from the hellish storms in an old ice cave. Deep in the cave he found an old Mirin shield that was made of blue adamant and blue diamond.

Mike's shield(Artwork by R. Le Page)

Upon returning to the Rasmirin base camp he fought against his fathers forces for several more years before coming to the conclusion that the forces he currently had weren’t strong enough to defeat his father’s army. Jh’tiel decided to go into southern Talislanta and see if he could find help for his cause against his fathers evil rule.

After a three-month journey Jh’tiel as made it to The City of Cymril in the Seven Kingdoms. From here he hopes to recruit forces capable of defeating his fathers loyalists.

arimite1Bladez-Arimite Revenant

Bladez’s life literally began in a dark abyssal place. He’s mother was captured and sold to a Rajan Necromancer-Priest. She was forced to mate with a Night Demon.  Seven months later Bladez was born. He appeared to be a normal Arimite child except for a vertical eye in the back of his head and small bat wings. As he grew older the wings never grew beyond a foot in size and currently are unable to produce flight. The eye in the back of his head allows him to have double the normal night vision.  Around the age of fourteen he escaped from his prison home in Irdan and with some help from a Farad Merchant and a lot of luck he made his way back to Arim. His mother’s home land.

He found employment in one of the many iron mines and soon began to catch the eye of his superior Hingul. Bladez’s demon blood made him stronger and faster than most Arimites. Hingul showed Bladez’s the ancient skill of Armite Knife Fighting and soon they both became very rich from Bladez’s victories in the gladiatorial pits. Bladez’s skills also caught the eyes of Kilmard a Revenant leader in Akbar. Bladez’s was given several small contracts to fulfill to see how he would perform at his new job. He passed all his test with flying colors and was soon giving several advanced contracts that required the use of all his Revenant skills and abilities.

Early in the year 613 N.A. Bladez took a Revenant contract to assassinate a Danuvian Virago who insulted a Farad merchant. Bladez traveled down to the City-state of Danuvia and completed the contract with easy. The Jake Manhunter, Jor-el was doing surveillance on the Danuvian Virago for the queen when he witnessed Bladez enter her home one late evening. The next day when the dead body was found by a servant, Jor-el along with Barack approached Bladez and thanked him for removing one of the queens rivals. after a few drinks and many tall tales, Bladez agreed to join Barack’s small elite guard and help protect the Danuvian Queen.

Bladez spent six years living a dual life. Most of the time he was one of the Danuvian Queens elite bodyguards. And when ever a Revenant contract was posted in the city-state he would fulfill the contract. If a contract was posted with regards to the queen or one of her supporters he would allow Barack a one day grace period to buy out the contract or issue a contract for the initial contract poster if it was known. Bladez enjoyed his current employment as a royal guard and wasn’t about to be the cause for his own employment.

Arimite Throwing KnifesArimite Throwing Knives

JakaJor-el, Jaka Manhunter

Jor-el was raised in the Brown Hills. When he became of age, he journeyed to Zandu with his father to learn the skills required to become a Manhunter.

During his twentieth summer he accepted his first contract to bring a young Zandirian merchant back to Zanth to face trail. He had a strange encounter  with a Drukh Shaman that left him with a dual-personality. By some unknown magic trick used on him by the Drukh Shaman that didn’t appreciate his trespassing on sacred ground, he awoke from his wounds with another voice in his head. Ferrallyn Treye an Ancient Thaecian windship Captain was some how in his head, demanding that he recover his lost ship so that he can continue his war on the enemy.

Jor-el spent five years from 607 to 612 N.A. traveling with an Ariane Seeker named Jalene who taught him how to coexist with his new guest. Jalene’s journey in this life ended after a tough encounter in Urag with a group of beastmen. Jalene gave Jor-el her whitewood longbow and Tamar and asked him to return her Tamar to her people.

After a few long caravan trips and several bad adventures Jor-el found himself stranded in the City-State of Danuvia with no money and no luck. A chance encounter with a Kharakhan Giant named Barack changed his streak of bad luck. He served with Barack from 613 to 619 N.A. in Danuvia.

He planed on heading to The Maze city of Altan and return Jalene’s Tamar to her people. Barack and Bladez convinced him that he should go to Cymril with them. An Ariane is bound to come along and he can return the Tamar when he meets one in the city.

Ariane LongbowAriane Long Bow

KharakhanBarak of the Far Trekkers Clan

Barack, left the Kharakhan Wastes as a young giant after finding an ancient Drakken maul. Taken his new weapon and a large magical egg-shaped object that he was given at birth. He spent several years wandering the Wildlands of Zaran making a living by fighting and crafting sculptures of wood and stone. His life wasn’t good but it wasn’t bad either, he earned enough to keep food in his belly and a stable roof over his head.

His luck changed during the winter of 611 N.A..  While traveling in The Desertlands he happen to stumble across a well laid out ambush by Rajan assassins of the current Danuvian Queen. All of her personnel guards had been neutralized and she was being attacked by several Rajan assassins. Barack charged into the fight and defeated the assassins and saved the Queen.  He suffered several serious wounds while defending the queen. He enjoys telling and retelling the story when tavern goers ask him about his limp and wheezing cough caused by several Rajan knifes and poisons. The Danuvian Queen, seeing that some time’s outside help wasn’t to bad of an idea, Hired Barack on full-time as a not so official bodyguard.

He spent the next eight years working for the queen and enjoying the life of a hero who had saved the queens life. During that time he formed a small but elite group of bodyguards that were not of Danuvian blood. The members of the group changed as warriors came and went but two of them, Jor-el, a Jaka Manhunter and Bladez (Player is only 13 and this is his second character ever, hopefully he’ll get away from MMORPG names) an Arimite Knife fighter stayed with Barack for six years and formed the base of his small elite guard. During the year 619 N.A. the queen passed away from natural causes and the new Danuvian Queen didn’t have the same feeling about outsiders being so closer to her, even though their track record had shown that they had been a valuable resource to the past queen.

Barak and his two friends left City-State of Danuvia with full purses and great memories, and headed towards the City of Cymril in the Seven Kingdoms.

war maulDrakken War Maul

arianes copyBran’di-Ariane Seeker

Bran’di’s third reincarnation had started out well. She was enjoying her young life as a Ariane in the Maze City of Altan. She was very fortunate to have two caring parents, unlike her last reincarnation as a Darkling slave spending her days fulfilling the wishes of evil Ur taskmasters.  Life in the Araine city was peaceful and quite. But all that changed during her fifth summer when a group of Stryx warriors attacked the city and killed her parents along with about two dozen other Araine of her extended family. She was taken in by Kaylenn an Ariane elder of many years.

During her sixteen winter, Bran’di and Kaylenn went on a journey to The Iron Citadel in the Shadow Realm. Kaylenn claimed she had to warn Tiiklordon, leader of the Cabal of Shadow Wizards know as the Malum, about a serious threat to their lands.  With in hours of them arriving at the Iron Citadel, An evading force of several thousand Ice Giants and other creatures of the icy north began an assault into the Shadow Realm. Kaylenn’s warning may have only given them a few hours of notice, but it was enough time for the Malum to begin marshaling their forces and maintain a line that they could hold. And with the later arrival of their reinforcements, the Malum and the other inhabitants of the Shadow Realm defeated the Ice Giant assault. During the attack, Bran’di and Kaylenn both played a big part in holding several key areas from falling until the Malum reinforcements could arrive. In the final battle Kaylenn was overran by a large pack of Rime Hounds.  Bran’di rushed to aid Kaylenn and chase off the hounds. Only to arrive to late, as Kaylenn laid in a pool of her own blood suffering from to many wounds. Her life force began to slip away. With Kaylenn’s last words she instructed Bran’di to take her Tamar, and her shadow-silk cloak that was a gift from Tiiklordon and use them to obtain great knowledge and stories from around Talislanta and beyond.

TamarBran’di’s Tamar

Bran’di returned to Altan with with a strange new desire in her heart to leave Altan behind and venture out into the world and see what new wondrous things she could discover. As her seventeenth birthday was coming Bran’di was both excited and sad that she was leaving the comforts of Altan on her own for the first time. Several of the elders gave her many gifts that would aid her on her journeys. Tiiyappi, a long time friend of Kaylenn gave her a small map to an old ancient castle that sits along the shores of the Gulf of Silvanus. This castle was given to Kaylenn several hundred years ago by a Silvanus leader in payment for the aid she gave his people. Kaylenn wanted Bran’di to have the castle as her own. Kaylenn often traveled there to use it as a sanctuary to escape the strange world for a short time.

Bran’di gathered he belongings and along with her little companion Erston, a young draconid she had saved from bad injuries. she set out south into the world. After several months of wandering Talislanta she ended up in the City of Cmyril.

DraconidErston- Draconid companion

Chana femaleKintarea-Chana Witchdoctor (by Lockwood)

Kintarea was born in Farad with a strange demonic bat tattoo across her chest. Her mother was a Chana slave who was forced to make drugs and poison for her Farad master. Her mother died from the damage of Kintarea’s birth. She was raised by the other slaves in the Farad’s slave yards. At the age of five she was visited in her dreams by an ancient dream spirit that showed her a route to safety and freedom form her evil slave master. When she awoke she was in a strange place far away from Farad and Chana. She was in the home of Caleso a Phantasian Dream Merchant. On the isle of Phantas. Caleso was visited by a strange creature made of dream essence and given a large iron chest and told that one day he would receive a bilious green-skinned visitor in his home. The chest and the knowledge it contained would belong to this strange quest, and that he should help his new quest learn all that she could from the items in the chest and treat her like his own child.

iron chestIron Dream Chest

Kintarea had no idea how she traveled through her dreams to this strange place or what this strange form of dream magic tools it contained. But this strange place and Caleso’s home where better than the Farad slave pits.

The strange dream chest contained several strange and bizarre items. A small silver axe, a gnarled old blackwood staff with a fetch attached to its top. Another fetch that she later learned was the shrunken head of her mother. And a large black tapestry made of charred Kang skin that had mystical silver runes that changed shape and patterns each time you opened the tapestry. With the help of Caleso and the mysterious dream guide, Kintarea began learning the art of Chana Shamanism. The ancient form of dark magic that her people had used for centuries.

It took her about ten years to master the basic spells and totems needed to use her shamanism abilities with some sort of positive effect. Shortly after her sixteenth year she left Phantas and traveled to City-State of Danuvia where she meet up with a giant named Barack, who took her in as a healer to support his small elite guard force. Kintarea spent about a year working with Barack and his team. While in Danuvia she became familiar with many of the shadier individuals of the city. She started making illegal drugs and selling them for more gold then she could make as a royal guard and soon left her post as an elite Danuvian guard. During this time she also discovered that the strange tattoo on her chest was he totem spirit and that it could ripped itself out of her chest and take material form to defend her. She soon learned how to control the time’s that it manifested. After a bad encounter with one of her underworld rivals, she decided to move her operations to another city. Around the year 615 N.A. she moved to the City of Cymril and setup a small alchemist shop in the Sindarian district.

In Cymril she began developing a bizarre habit of drinking blood. For some unknown reason the blood she consumed refreshed her body and spirit, just like taking a healing elixir after suffering a wound in combat. Through her rigorous studies she created several more fetchs and different  ways to manifest her powers through her spells. And doing all this while still running a very profitable underworld drug ring.

Kintarea is unique in the fact that she could be the only Chana in the world of Talislanta without any strange tattoo’s and ritual scarring. She has led a civilized life and has none of the characteristic  of a Chana raised in the Jungles of Chana. Other then the altered form of dream/blood shamanism she uses. Many of the bettered educated residents of Cymril have taken an interest in who she is and where she is from.


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