To The Maze city of Altan (Chapter 5)

The next morning Gifjef, had already packed up the Yitek supplies on the train of ahtra’s by the time we awoke. We set off southeast again to meet up with Veris. The next two days went by uneventful. Barack cared for the baby like it was his own. I think his people understand what it’s like to be all alone and not wanted in these hostile plains. And his was determined not to let this child have those same feeling. We spotted Veris’s windship around noon on the third day. And spent most of the rest of the day loading what supplies from the Yitek caravan onto the ship. Barack was in a rage most of the day because he couldn’t figure out how to load the ahtra’s into the ship. “Bah, can’t believe I’m leaving such valuable beasts  of burden in these godless plains! Each one is worth two hundred gold lemuns. And now some savage beast-man is going to eat them for a damn snack.” He complained as we set sail towards Altan.

As we passed into the territory of the Gryph, a large party of their scouts flew out to greet us. After several minutes of greeting and insuring them that we where just passing through on our way to my home. They agreed to escort us to Altan.

arianesAriane’s of Altan

We where meet by several of my people’s elders at the docking stone. Arianno, one of the elders who was currently only four-year sold in this life but had lived over a thousand life’s escorted my friends to one of the peaceful grottoes to enjoy a small meal and relax. I went to the Obelisks of Knowledge and began communing with its spirits in hope of finding guidance and knowledge about the Sepharan keys we had found. We ended up spending  almost a month in Altan gathering information on the keys and resting. Jh’tiel and Barack where the main reason we stayed so long. They took the blue diamond sarcophagus lid to one of the stone elders and requested that the blue diamond  be shaped so that they could add leather straps and transform it into a shield for Barack. The final product looked strange but it appeared to hold up in many test they preformed on it aboard the windship. Jor-el also asked the stone elders to remove the eyes off of the new adamant sword he found. In the end all they could do was close the eyes on it. But, at least now you don’t feel like some zealot of Aa is always staring at you when Jor-el has the sword out.

Through my research and knowledge that Arianno gave us. We found out that twenty-five hundred years ago the Sepharan. Collected up the seven keys and tried to use them to bring great ancient lords from the Neither Realms to this plane and destroy all living things with the hope of recreating it all as they thought it should be. And that my people who are usually neutral and only observe the world around them, decided to step in and prevent the Sepharan from completing their vile task. The Seven Keys were broke apart into seven pieces per key and hidden throughout the land. The seven pieces are a form of liquid existence, known as the Essence of Creation. It was created at the same time the universe was born. And when the seven pieces are placed together they create one of the keys. The keys will take any form, chosen by  ones assembling them. The Sepharan chose the form of writing for the keys. And the keys where not evil, they were simple what ever their new creator wanted them to be. Arianno wouldn’t tell us what could be done with one key or if all seven were needed to have the power that they weld. I also learned that several pieces of a key where hidden in an old place of power deep in the swamps Jhangara. Arianno also claimed that more information about the keys may be found at several different places, with the Library of Jalaad being the closest and safest place to begin looking.

We boarded the windship and said our farewells to the Ariane’s of Altan and headed south towards the Library of Jalaad.  About two days into our southern journey we could see a huge ominous black cloud off to the east, swirling high amongst the Volcanic Hills. Has we traveled closer to the vile black storm, Veris became more and more restless. Every mile forward caused his mood to darken. The pull of Omen became too much for him to endure. He instructed the Captain of the windship to head east towards a section of the Volcanic Hills that looked like a row of Oruk’s siting idle against the eastern edge of the wastelands we were flying over. “Take her down Captain, I can no longer resist the call of my ancestors. My time has come. I must take my journey down the Path of Calling.” Veris explained as he climbed down the rope ladder hanging off the side of the Shriek. And headed across the last few feet of the wastelands towards a path of ancient stone, carved steps that lead high up into the mountains. “I will contact you when my duty here is finished.” Where his final words as he began the long climb up the path.

omen stepsSteps of Beginning


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