Lost Tomb of Teelreyes (Chapter 4)

Jor-el lead us down the dry river bed heading towards the circling Khavir. Many of the khavir where now swooping down and landing apparently feeling  safe enough to land and eat whatever lay heading ahead of us in the ravine. As we came around one of the many bends in the ravine. Jor-el stopped us again and motioned for us to slowly move forward.

Ahead about forty yards away we could see a large camp with several earth tone tents setup against the western side of the ravine. The khavir, numbering around fifty, were all around the camp feasting on the remains of what appeared to be a tribe of desert nomads. I could see seven or eight tents, multiple crates that looked like supply crates. On the southern side of the tents I could make out a picket line with twenty or so ahtra picketed to the line. The bodies of the desert nomads lay around the camp as if the had just lost a battle against a superior force. Jor-el, Barack, and Bladez moved up to the camp to get a closer look. While the rest of us began searching the surrounding country side to see if we could find any signs of the attackers. Barack and Jh’tiel started searching the dead bodies. Barack told us that they were Yitek Tomb Robbers, and they where attack by a forces of twelve to fifteen armored men. Jh’tiel seemed to be concerned with several of the dead Yitek’s. Some of them had large circular burn wounds on their bodies, as if they were hit by some type of intense heat beam.  They also found small flakes of white lacquer on the Yitek weapons. Jh’tiel, was examining several bodies that where close to a small cave in the ravine, when he drew his sword and made a cut through the hide armor of the body he was looking at. His blue adamant sword made an identical cut through the hide armor and body of the corpse like the one that had caused the Yitek’s death. Who ever slew these two Yitek’s used a blade made of adamant. Bladez went to check on the ahtra’s tied up at the edge of the camp. At first all he could hear was the  baying and snorts of the desert beast. Then as if he was imagining it, he heard the cry of a baby. He moved pass the picket into the herd of beast and found a female Yitek with two white crossbow bolts in her back. She was laying face down and the baby cry was coming from under her. He called Barack over to the place where the dead mother and child lied together. Barack found a bag of goats mike on the mother’s side and started feeding the child who looked to be about five months old. Has Jor-el was scouting the area he found an unconscious Monad servant just outside the camp. I used my powers of healing that nature grants me and soon the Monad was sitting up. We all assembled back at the camp with the Monad and baby and discussed what we had each found.  Jor-el thinks that about seven hours ago at dawn a force of Aamanian’s attacked the Yitek camp. The Monad who we found out by trail told us his name was Girjef. He stated that late yesterday evening a group of Aamanian’s approached their camp and demanded that the Yitek’s stop excavating the site and leave at once.  Bendub-Wadi the leader told the Aamanian leader that the site was claimed by them by desert rights and that they would not withdrawal from the site until they were done completely exploring it. The men in white didn’t seem pleased with his answer and left our camp going back to the east the way they had come.

YitekYitek tomb Robber

Girjef, told us that he awoke early in the morning and went to the nearby well to get the days water for the camp. when he was returning he heard men and women screaming and the sounds of battle coming from the camp.  when he reached he camp many of the Yitek’s where dead and the soldiers in white where killing everyone. He saw their leader cast several white beams of light and burn the flesh of his Yitek masters. He ran into the camp going towards Bendub-Wadi and the last few Yiteks, when several of the white armored soldiers attacked him. The last think he remembers is one of the soldier’s white shields with a huge white eye on it coming towards his face.

Jor-el and Barack found armored tracks leading into the cave, but none coming out. It was obvious that the Aamanian’s went into the cave after slaying the Yitek’s and where still inside the tomb. Barack tasked Girjef with watching over the baby and we decided to investigate the cave. The natural appearing cave became a stone tomb about ten feet into it. We went in about a hundred feet or so through the stone corridor passing many burial places that the Yitek had already looted. Jor-el went ahead to scout out an area that appeared to have collapsed and recently cleared by the tomb robbers. After about five minutes he returned letting us know that he had found the Aamanian’s about two hundred feet ahead in a small temple looking chamber. Most of the soldiers where just standing around idly, while some type of Aamanian wizard and a few of the soldiers where attempting to open some type of door just beyond an altar at the far end of the room. The room was lit by several amber glass orbs filled with some type of blue flaming liquid. He drew a crude map on the tomb floor of the temple room that the soldiers where in. We quickly decided a plan of attack with Barack and Jh’tiel each entering the room thru both entrances with the rest of us split up behind them. We would take out the closest threats first and work together and move thru the room towards the wizard who is attempting to open the door.

AamanianGarthanosAamanian Soldiers

We slowly made our way to the temple room. The hallway teed off right before the room. allowing you to enter along the left or right way but no direct access to the room. A great setup for splitting attacking forces, but it also allows them to assault you from both sides if your surprised. And surprise them is exactly what we did. Barack charged into the room with a deathly roar and slayed two of the soldiers with his giant maul before they knew we were in the room. Jh’tiel entered on the left side and ran the closest soldier thru with his adamant blade and pinned the next one to the hard, stone wall with his shield before cutting his head off with a well placed strike with his blue adamant sword. I fired several arrows into the soldiers farther in the room from between Barack’s legs. Bladez and Jor-el entered behind Jh’tiel. Bladez quickly threw his deadly knives at one of the soldiers setting on a pew in the middle of the room. Jor-el took aim at the blue flame orbs and hit two of the three orbs in the room. Causing them to exploded in a bright blue flash of flame covering two soldiers on each side of the room in the unnatural blue flame they held within. As the Aamanian soldiers quickly regrouped from our initial surprise attack they began moving into defensive positions in the room. The Aamanian wizard cast a beam of white light at Jh’tiel’s chest, he barely raised his shield in time to deflect part of the powerful beam. Staggering Jh’tiel back several feet. During the next few minutes we battled with the soldiers in white using every ounce of our combat and magic training. The tide turned our way when Jh’tiel used some strange magic held with in his shield to cause a large wall of ice to appear above a group of four soldiers. when the large ice wall fell on top of them crushing them the shock felt by their companions gave us the upper hand to quickly take them out. Kintarea was attacking the wizard with her shamanism powers the whole fight. Finally she was able to get past his defenses and one of her spells of confusion made it past the wizards strong resistance. He bolted through the door behind the altar. Jor-el gave chase and told us he witnessed the wizard sprinting down the hall way and all of a sudden he saw a bright bluish orange flash of light and the wizard was gone. All that remained was the items he was carrying.

While myself and Kintarea tended to our parties wounds. Jor-el and Barack went down the new hallway and examines the remains of the Aamanian wizard. He had tripped some kind of long forgotten magical ward that ran across the hallway floor. They could see a one inch silver inscribed line crossing the hall right where the wizard meet his fate. With Jor-el’s danger sense not giving him any warning. He stepped across the band and picked up the strange white long sword. Barack quickly began stuffing the white leather armor and belongings of the wizard into one of his many sacks. “I think this was an Aamanian wizard Hunter, Jor-el, he whispered to the Jaka. They decided to scout ahead a little father before going back to the group.

This hallway opened into a large circular room that was block at the entrance by a twenty-five foot high wall that curves around the room, thirty feet in each direction. Jor-el went to the left while Barack took the right side. As Barack stepped by the barrier wall he came face to face with a huge scorpion man.

Scorpion_King_by_Adam_BlackSkathe Guardian

He barely avoid the massive creatures deadly sword swing, by throwing himself backwards again the wall. Pushing off of the wall, Barack swing his hammer at the skathe’s exposed torso. But, his enjoyment was cut short as the skathe swung his giant silver sword and ripped a nasty wound in his abdomen.  Followed with a lightning swift strike at Barack’s head with its iron-hard stinger. As Barack was fighting for his life he could see Jor-el about sixty feet away engaging another scorpion man. And it looked like the skathe was getting the better of the swift Jaka. Barack began fighting in a defensive style using his massive hammer and all his strength trying to keep the scorpion man from stinging him with its vile looking stinger.

As Jor-el came around the corner he almost lost his head to a well placed strike from the skathe’s silver sword. Only his super fast reflexes kept it attached to his body. The sword strike missed his head but cut deep into his left shoulder. The skathe followed the sword strike with a violent tail strike. The stinger pierced deep into Jor-el’s side. Instantly injecting his body with a vile poison designed to shut down his body. His body absorbed the poison and began fighting it. Jor-el seeing that he was over matched by this beast at close quarters turned and fled the room running back towards his companions still in the temple room.

Barack was bringing all his strength to bear to fend of the first skathe when the second one joined in the assault on him. He began fighting a defensive fight against his two very aggressive opponents. Barack, was parrying, dodge, and evading every attack the two skathe launched at him. No wanting to be hit by the stingers or wicked looking silver weapons they welded.  He continued his defensive fight for several long and painful minutes waiting for his companions to arrive.

Jor-el didn’t have to go very far backs towards the room when he was met by us, rushing towards the sounds of battle we heard through the crypt. We all rushed into the circular room from both sides. The battle was fierce but we soon made short work of the two giant scorpionmen. They appeared to be built to fight head on, and When Jh’tiel and Bladez, attacked them from behind they perished swiftly. As we started to heal and gather our possessions from around the room after the fight. Bladez started screaming in pain and dropped his Arminite throwing knives he had just removed from one of the corpses. He was holding his hands before his face and you could see that whatever type of skathe body fluid he had gotten on his hands was burning his skin. I moved to his side to see if I could heal his new wounds, when the fetch on Kintarea’s staff started chuckling and hissing in its putrid tone. “See, the skathe, were created to kill demon kind, and they don’t like your demon blood, Master Knife Fighter, it burns your demon side.” Bladez refused to acknowledge the fetch’s accusations.

The chamber that the skathe where guarding was a large circular room about one hundred and fifty feet in diameter. The ceiling was a good hundred feet or so high and covered in darkness. The room was empty except for a large black iron circular rune with a red iron star in its center. Just outside the black iron circle where four life-like  Ahazu warrior statues. They looked as if they would come alive if provoked. Inside the magical circle was another life-like statue of a naked female whose skin was pale white. She had a third eye in the middle of her forehead and her body was covered in some type of strange runes, that looked to be tattooed into her skin.

After we rested for a few moments Barack, noticed that the blood from the skathe was boiling where it meet the black iron runes inscribed on the floor of this chamber.  Before we could stop him he reached down and lifted one of the huge skathe body’s and threw it across the black iron runes. The body exploded in a ball of flames and was consumed almost instantly.

Has we moved back from the ball of flame, the Ahazu’s sprang to life and attacked. Barack took the first assault from the Ahazu closest to him. By fate or shear luck he evade the multiple attacks from the strange yellow and red striped humanoid.  One of the Ahazu’s from the back of the room threw two large three bladed disc’s at Jor-el causing him to reel in pain as it leaped across the space separating the two. with a desperation shoot created from pain and panic Jor-el let loss one of his arrows about two feet from the leaping Ahazu. The light of all the moons but Zar must of been shining on Jor-el’s arrow as it pierced the left eye of the Ahazu and destroyed it’s brain hidden close behind. We fought the three remaining Ahazu’s for several minutes before we finished them off. Sometime during the fight with our four armed assailants the white skinned female transformed into smoke and drifted up towards the dark ceiling.  Jh’tiel fired one of his exploding crossbow bolts towards the ceiling, with the brief light created from the explosion we couldn’t see any sign of her but did notice several natural cracks in the ceiling that she could have used to escape in her smoke form.

As we explored the rest of the chamber to see if anything else was entombed down here, Bladez stumbled across some type of large object against the back wall that was enshrouded by invisibility.  Jor-el began feeling his way around the object and determined that it was some sort of large chest, and begin trying to open it by feel. Jh’tiel started running his hands over the chest as if his touch would tell him what was held inside. Jh’tiel started uttering the name Sepharan, and somethings about keys. Then he turned to me and asked what i knew about this hidden chest since it was created and placed here by my people almost twenty-five hundred years ago. I sat down on the floor and started concentrating on my Tamar, seeing if I could remember any old tales about the Sepharan and my people. As different memories began flashing in my mind, I started remembering bit’s and pieces about the Sepharan and their sacred keys that they were using to cause great harm many years ago. I warned Jor-el to keep the chest closed and to stop trying to open it. “Jor-el, leave it be. It holds an ancient power that almost destroyed the world years ago. I don’t believe its safe to open.” Right as I finished my statement to him, I heard the sound of a lock opening and the sound of creaking metal hinges that haven’t been used in thousands of years. Kintarea moved to the now open chest and used her orb of eery blue light to illuminate the inside of the chest. Inside the velvet red line chest where three, two foot long gold cylinders. each about six inches across. And a small book made of white flesh with thousands of strange glyphs written all over it. The runes on the book appeared to be the same as the one on the strange white female that escaped through the ceiling. Again I started to focus on my Tamar to see if I could find any knowledge about these items in my people’s past. Jh’tiel once again went into a trance using what ever super-natural ability he possessed to gain information about the past of objects he touched.  Together we concluded that these objects where part of the keys the ancient Sepharan’s used and the book most be some type of instructions. The cylinders were given one each to Jor-el, Barack and Jh’tiel. Kintarea took the tome, since she was the most comfortable carrying something that was once part of a living being.

We decided to exit the tomb and rest the night. After that we would go meet Veris at the meet up point and from there a trip to my home. The Maze City of Atlan was in order. Hopefully there we would find answers to these strange objects we just acquired.


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