The Watchstone (Chapter2)

I am being completely honest when I say that the top of the Watchstone is the last place I expected the portal to take us. With my limited knowledge of such arcane portal’s. I assumed that the puzzle-box would have released us some where closer to the City of Cymril, like the Cymril Woods or the Jasper Mountains.  The other members seemed just as confused as me, except for Veris. He immediately began pacing around and shouting commands in what I guess to be his ancient Xambrain tongue.

Jor-el and Jh’tiel walked around the top of the Watchstone studying the hundreds of All-Seeing Eyes of Aa. Jor-el estimate that there had to be eyes left here from several thousand faithful Orthodoxist. Barack sat in a corner slowly examining the puzzle-box. No one seems to notice that the accursed item had made the journey with us. I was sure it was still in Kintarea’s lab back in Cymril. As we began to regroup and prepare for the long trek down the winding old steps to the base of the Watchstone. Bladez pointed out a Windship of War heading towards us from the northeast.

Tallinlores Windship of WarWindship of War

When Bladez noticed the wind ship it was still several miles away. But there was no doubt in our minds that it was heading straight for us and the Watchstone. We fanned out into what ever defensive positions we could on top of the Watchstone. Jor-el and Jh’tiel took up positions a little ways down the steps hoping to have clear sight of the wind ship as it approached. As the airborne vessel approached it began to bank to the port side and come to a stop just out of longbow range. There was no apparent crew aboard. After a few moments I saw two figures walk onto the main deck. One appeared to be wearing the fetish mask of a Djaffer, and the other was an Malum Shadow Wizard. They stopped at the railing of the ship and studied us for a few moments. Myself and Veris were both standing on the closest edge of the Watchstone to the Windship, when the Malum Shadow Wizard started to speak to me in my mind. I could tell from the conversation that it was a three-way conversation between us and Veris. “Greeting Seven, I am most excited to see that you all passed the first trail without any losses.” was the greeting from the Malum in my mind. “Only a few more to go to see if you are worthy for what lies ahead of you along your destined path.” The conversation continued a few more moments between Veris and the Malum, before he bid us farewell and the great Windship began to turn and head off toward the Shadow Realm.

As we where having our discussion with the Malum, Jor-el had already began his decent down the Watchstone. With Bladez and Barack following behind him. The remaining three and myself decided we would discuss this strange encounter once we were safely at the bottom enjoying a warm fire. About half-way down the Watchstone Jor-el was attacked by a small group of Ravengers that flew in from the south and surrounded him. The battle was a swift and deadly encounter for the Ravengers. They highly underestimated Jor-el’s and Jh’tiel skills with their bows. Jor-el left several arrows in two of the Ravengers bodies as they plummeted downwards long dead before they ever hit the ground far below. The third Ravenger attempted to fly up towards the top of the Watchstone, hoping to reach safety there. But Jh’tiel’s incendiary crossbow bolts ensured that all he would find is a quick, flaming death from crossing paths with the deadly Mirin Scout. We reached the safety of the Plains of Golarin just before the twin suns began to rise and spread their glory across the plain. Jor-el scouted out an old camp that was probably used by Pilgrims of Aa to rest and gain their strength before they began the long journey up the Watchstone to view the place they deem most holy.


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