The Plains of Golarin (Chapter 3)

We setup our camp at the base of the Watchstone, spending some time discussing the events that had transpired over the last day or so. When Veris walked a few yards away from our camp and began talking into a dark onyx stone he wore around his neck. “Get a few hours of sleep if you can, The Shriek will be meeting us in eight days just outside of Dhar. I have urgent matters to attend to in the southeast and if you wish to journey with me on my wind-ship I would advise you to be ready to travel at noon. I will not wait for any of you.” With that he laid down by the campfire and was soon asleep.

I awoke everyone as Veris began to stir. Since we had arrived at the Watchstone. His nerves were on edge and he seemed like he was about to break. I have read many stories about the horrible deaths of the , Xambrian’s at the hands of the black magic using Torquaran wizards. But I was almost excited about the fact I was going to witness an Xambrian Wizard Hunter first journey to Omen and the ritual of him receiving his Spiritblade.  Veris set out on a grueling pace towards the southeast. He was literally moving as a man possessed by a greater calling.

Our travels for the first two days went without interruption. I soon learned that Jor-el is extremely skilled at navigating and he always seems to take the path of least resistance. as he lead us through the plains,he seemed to avoid getting noticed by the normal, unfriendly, inhabitants of the plains. He would always seem to choose old ruins for us to rest in that weren’t occupied by other creatures. early on the second day Jor-el halted our force march to point out a large cloud of dust behind us to the southwest, that was swiftly moving to intersect us within five to six hours.

We got all of about four more miles across the plains. When suddenly Veris, Came to a sudden halt. “Alright, I’ll kill it. Just get out of my mind and let me be at peace.” He screamed at the top of his lungs.  Veris then turned towards the approaching dust cloud and began sprinting towards it shouting. “My ancestors call to me and demand that I slay the beast riding on the darkmane that is chasing us.” We had no choice but to follow Veris as he took off racing across the plains in hunt of a beast riding on a darkmane.  He keeps up the sprinting pace for almost two miles as we headed on a collision course for the beast hiding in the dust cloud. As we crested a small hill I could see a beast-man on a darkmane with fifteen to twenty of his brethren race across the small valley towards us.

beastman_plains_hunterBeast Man on Darkmane

We all silently act as one, moving into a spread out battle formation. Jor-el sprinted off to the east on all fours staying hidden in the tall grass searching for a spot that would allow him to use his longbow to better effect. Veris, Barack, Jh’tiel and Bladez rushed down the hill to hit the beast man forces full on. Kintarea and I followed behind the advancing warriors staying close enough to engage the wild beast man but hopefully far enough away to keep us out of range of their feral claws and teeth.

The lead beast man was a huge and menacing looking creature. Riding upon a vile looking darkmane stallion. Veris was twenty yards ahead of his companions when he leaped up and grabbed a hold of the darkmanes mane. Diving under the beast mans thrusting spear, he slammed his sword deep into the side of the beast man. He attempted to pull himself up on the back of the darkmane behind the beast man. Unfortunately his momentum carried him off the opposite side of the darkmane onto the hard ground. The force of Veris’s fall ripped his great-sword out of his grasp and left it firmly inserted in the side of the beast man. Barack stepped in front of the darkmane and swung his war maul with great force but missed. I released several arrows towards the darkmanes midnight black head, with my second arrow striking the beast between the eyes.  Causing the great beast to reel in pain and panic as it fell to the ground unconscious. The beast man rolled with the falling darkmane and landed on his feet beside Barack. It raised the great black spear it carried and attempted to impale Barack. Barack side-stepped the spear thrust and this time he didn’t miss with his war maul. With a downwards swing of the great maul he drove the head of it onto the top of the beast man’s head with such force that both of its thigh bones exploded out the front of the beast mans skin causing it to withering in pain on the ground. Veris withdrew his sword from the dying beast man’s side and struck off its head with one swing. As I turned my attention to the other beast man in the group I found only a few still standing and they were fighting their last battle on this world. Bladez was spinning and stabbing the last one of the four that had attacked him. Several more laid around the battle field with Jor-el’s arrows protruding from their bodies. And Kintarea and Jh’tiel make a deadly duo on the battle field. She was using her shamanism magic to distract and confuse the beast man as Jh’tiel was cutting them down like a farmer cutting ripe wheat ready for harvest.  As the last beast man was destroyed, Veris reached down and picked up the heavy black spear and began tearing it apart. After a few moments he was holding the head of the spear in his hands. But, the way he was holding it was more like the hilt of a sword with a wide flat spear blade as the pommel. I helped Kintarea heal the wounds of our companions and we searched the beast man seeing if we could find any thing of value. Barack asked Veris if he could hold the spear head and examine it. “This my giant, is not a spear head, but the hilt to my father’s great-sword. Some how this vile beast got his filthy hands on it and my ancestor’s wanted it back.” With that statement Veris turned back towards the east and headed off in the direction we were traveling in before this little diversion.

We traveled maybe ten more miles before Jor-el reported a small abandoned ruin that would provide the best protection for the night. Has Barack was patrolling our camp around midnight he heard Veris approaching him. “I have something I must do, it shouldn’t take me more than a day to finish. Continue on to the meet up point with The Shriek. I will meet you there. If I’m not there within a day of its arrival, take my windship where ever you wish for I will not have a need for it anymore.” And with that Veris headed north out into the dark night.

Around noon Jor-el reported seeing several flying creatures circling in the sky to the south several miles ahead of us. As we moved closer to the circling flying beast Jor-el again stopped us. “These flying creatures puzzle me. They appear to be Ravir’s a carrion eating beast that is only seen in the far west. I have never seen more than two Ravir’s together at once. I count more than twenty in that group that is fling ahead.” He told us as we stopped. “Ravir’s you say, I had a cousin from Iswan that went into the Werewoods looking to make it rich from one of the lost tombs there. All he got was a new Ravir companion who refused to leave him alone for many months. The damn thing would follow him around and verbally harass him and demand that he feed the think constantly. He ending up paying five hundred lumens to a Revenant to rid him of the beast.” exclaimed Bladez with a vile taste on his tongue. “That’s a fine story there Bladez, I’ll have to remember that one about a talking Khavir from the west. My brothers and sisters will surly enjoy my telling of that tell. Those are Khavir.” Explained Barack. “Nothing more than a large carrion eating bird that thrives on the many carcasses that these plains and the wastelands to the east provide them. They will not bother us other than screeching at us for interrupting their afternoon meal.” with that Barack motioned Jor-el to lead us down the dry river bed towards what ever these Khavir where feasting on.



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